Sophia and I were so thankful to get to go visit Katie, Luca, John, and little miss Juliet Elizabeth last week! My Mom was there too, which was an added bonus!

Juliet is such a sweet baby, loves to snuggle and be held. Sophia did exhibit a little more jealousy than I thought she would when it was my turn to hold the precious little bundle, but she seemed fine as long as she was just SHARING her Mama (stayed close) and not giving her up. :) Luca continues to light up an entire room and say hilarious things...he played with Sophia better than any other visit. Suddenly, compared to a newborn, Sophia seemed older and more capable of interaction! She cracked up at pretty much everything Luca did and said so he had a live, easy-to-please audience. It was so fun to see them together. He would confirm his understanding of her abilities often...'she can stand! she can crawl! she's TOO little to walk yet though' :)

Katie and I got some wonderful sister time: quite a few walks, lunch out one day, and blissful quiet in the evenings/afternoons when all 3 kiddos were snoozing/resting. I am going through withdrawal from having such a good time together! Sophia didn't sleep well at night while we were there, so it is nice to be home to be getting sleep again, but it is always so hard to leave!

Here are some fun photos from the week - such a blast!!

Juliet passed out
sisters and the kids!
This is classic....Sophia interested in Luca and what he is doing. She didn't take her eyes off him!

Uncle John playing with Sophia...she loved this cat-piano

Sophia was looking at Katie like, 'I'm going to touch her, ok?' she was very interested in touching Juliet's head (with supervision to encourage gentle touch) :)

Sophia, being a silly cheese-ball! :) so cute


Katie said...

yeah for family time!!!