Birthday Girl

I have had a wonderful birthday week this year! The celebration started in Seattle with a birthday lunch, coffee date with all the girls (Mom, Katie, me, Sophia, and Juliet), and yummy pumpkin roll w cream cheese icing made by Katie (she is so amazing to be able to bake a homemade cake while somehow making dinner and taking care of her newborn and 2 yr old!). Luca lead the charge of singing me "happy birthday" and helped me blow my candles out. :)

On my actual birthday, Eric took me out to breakfast (hello almond croissant from Ollie's bakery!) and we had a fun family day enjoying some beautiful, warm Spring weather! I had our plane de-iced Tues am in Seattle and the next day, wore a tank top in sunny GSO! Always kind-of crazy how different the weather can be in various parts of the country/world.

Eric got me a pair of Toms for my present - I've been wanting a pair for a while! They are super comfy and I like that they give a pair of shoes away with every purchase.
Enjoying lunch and sunshine in Friendly Center

Beautiful birthday flowers sent to me from Aunt Sandy! They are so lovely and I felt very special!

It was a really fun, low-key day! Only 2 more years of being in my 20s left, I don't mind though, because each year of life seems to be getting better and better!