Fancy Nancy Birthday Party!

Can't believe how fast my sweet nieces are growing up! Meg threw the best 2-4 yr old birthday party I have ever been to. Whew, with 10-12 kids in attendance, it was quite the busy backyard of the neighborhood for a few hours! We had beautiful blue sky and surprisingly high temps - 88 degree weather in APRIL!

The kids were all in heaven, Meg planned lots of fun activities to keep things moving along - it worked perfectly (*note to self* hire Meg for all future children's parties!) :) She had different "stations" set up - the kids absolutely loved it. After the pinata (see below), everyone was so pooped from the hot weather and worn off sugar rush, it was time to all go home and take naps! Of which, I will say, Eric obeyed...as soon as we got home, he conked out for 3 hours. ;) Don't need to ask him twice for a nap...he must have been the best sleeper in the world when he was a baby. ;)

Here, I am painting Fancy Annie Claire's finger nails PINK - she was very excited about that. Look at her little sweet face - it is adorable. Also, she was very good at "holding very still" - I was impressed that every little girl seemed to know the importance of that!

Fancy Molly with her fairy wings on...she and her friend from soccer are making fancy necklaces/bracelets. This station was a HIT!

The Birthday Girls' Daddy reading a Fancy Nancy book during lunchtime. They were all so attentive!
Candle blowing, singing, and cupcake decorating time!! Everyone loved this; between frosting, cupcakes, and all kinds of candy to throw on there, who wouldn't be interested? ;)

A Fancy Nancy Pinata! I loved that all the balloons, napkins, plates, etc had "Ooh La La" on it - so girly and fun. So this was a new concept to me: the pinata had about 25 strings coming from its underneath and each girl got to pick one string to pull...the magic string pulled the bottom out and all the candy came tumbling out! A little less aggressive and potentially dangerous than the old school "using a baseball bat, try to annihilate the heck out of the pinata...all with your eyes closed!" This idea was much better for little ones, especially fancy girls. :)

Eric and I had such a fun time - thanks for having us, Meg and Josh! And a very special Happy Birthday to Molly and Anne! Glad we could celebrate and join in the fun!


Sarah said...

Wow... looks like the party was a huge hit! Stations--brilliant! I'll have to file that one away for the future as well :)

jay said...

Wish we could have been there too but seeing the pics helps us feel like we got to participate (a little).