Visit to the Vet

So yesterday was an annual joyous event (sense the sarcasm...) of taking Oliver and Marzell to the vet for their check-up and shots. Usually, it's pretty entertaining; Marzell sings me a dying-goose song in the car (he doesn't so much like the car), and I feel like a proud mama as the vet 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' over my darling boys. "Oh, he is so pretty!" "His fur is so soft!" "What a friendly cat!" all compliments I take pride in (yes, I know I am not really their mama, but I 'raised' them, alright?) Then they dive back into the carrier knowing that it will carry them back to where they are familiar (home!). It's a nice little field trip for them each year. WELL. Apparently 'fun field trip day' is of the past!! These poor guys had the most miserable time yesterday! It took me at least FIVE solid minutes (that's a long time wrestling with a cat) trying to get Oliver into that carrier!! They have realized the only reason to be put in it is to go to the vet! That cat did NOT want to get in there and if any of you have seen my right arm's fading scars, you can understand my tentative nature around those back claws of his...I finally got them loaded up, put in the car, when Marzell started his sorrowful (but kinda hilarious since I know he's not really dying) wailing on our drive. Makes me grateful our vet is only a few mins away!
I absolutely love our vet - she is my favorite person to interact with my cats. She is smart, she is very gentle, and you can just tell she has a soft spot in her heart for sweet kitty-cats. Well Oliver and Marzell who normally puff up from the affection and coaxing she lays on them, would not oblige her at all yesterday! The vet tech really had to hold them steady as she listened to their heart, their lungs, felt their throat...etc. They were roly-polys, trying to get out of her grip, and were not happy campers about being poked and prodded. It was just so unlike them - usually they are so chill. Well, then came the shots - UH-OH. They each needed two yesterday and I knew based on just their physical exam that they wouldn't be thrilled. Poor Oliver who was silent the whole time let out a little cry as she put the first needle in...then started growling at her! My little, sweet Oliver!! Who never growls! I couldn't believe it. Then came Marzi's turn - well when that first needle pierced his skin, he flipped out and hissed! What?! It was awful. I told Eric when I made the appt. that he is missing out not getting to go to their vet visit each year, but after yesterday, I never want to go again myself! My poor babies.
I really think as much as I love taking care of little foster kittens, that it contributes a lot of stress to my own guys, and it was clear after their unusual behavior that it's time for a break. We've had little ones invading their space for almost a year now and they are clearly over it. The little "imposters" wear them down by being in their space, eating their food, using their litter box, stealing the warm spots in the sun, etc. Maybe down the road I'll do more fostering again, but I'll need to be better about giving them time off, where they can reign as solo kings of the castle.
And people say cats have attitude...*eyes roll*. What they should say is that cats invented attitude!


Erika said...

Hey! This very same thing happened to my sweet boy Blitz. Of course, 20 pounds was a little hard to control! Lol. They even talked about sedating him. Never had to, though. He was hissing and trying to bite. I was so shocked! I told Donnie that I am never doing that alone again! Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I'm not sure it's your little kitties that upset him. It's just the silly vet. Gosh, the cats must think they are being tortured! :)

The Shillings said...

Oh, wow, yeah - poor Blitz! It is so sad to see them so scared - like you said, they must think they are being tortured! Nice to know mine aren't the only guys...thank goodness the vet comes just once a year!

NCJill said...

Hi Betsy!
Merry Christmas sweet friend! Just browsing blogs for a few minutes and read this one. I have to tell you a funny story about a friend of mine and the first time she had to take her (human) baby to get his shots at the Pediatrician...

While sitting in her car afterwards, with the baby all strapped in his carseat and happy as could be, she dramatically draped her arms over the steering wheel and boo-hooed for several minutes about the whole thing! Inflicting such pain on a poor innocent baby of all things! LOL! You just wait my dear. Pets are just the beginning!! LOL!

Merry Christmas! Hope to see you soon. (I'm not taking Bible study in the winter though, Are you?)

The Shillings said...

Jill - thanks for reading! ;) Hah - that is a funny story - I can only imagine such a dr. visit!

Yep, I did sign up for the Thurs Bible study this winter - I will miss you not being there! :( Even though I know your life is nutso most days, I'd love it if you ever have a random, free hour for us to grab coffee together...! :)

Merry Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

that's sad...i didn't know cats could growel. i hate taking my guys to the vet alone too, though it always seems to fall when mike is busy, but i feel your pain. hope the scars continue to fade. : ( xoxo tiff