Driving up to MN....

The drive was long...over 20 hours BUT it went surprisingly well and we enjoyed spending the night in Lexington, KY where Sophia got to meet her Auntie Mary Jo & Uncle Larry! Catching up with cousins was great too. Sophia ran through the sprinkler, picked beans from their garden, and got some energy out running around the yard.

Thank goodness we had Popeye with us! He was so willing to serve in whatever way was most helpful....as driver, entertainer of 'rosebud' in the back seat, etc! Thank you SO MUCH Dad for coming with us! I don't think we would have made it without you!

 The TeachBeyond training was held at Bethel University so we stayed in dorms. It was wonderful because they arranged for families with young children to have entire suites so we had a separate (adjoining room) for Sophia to sleep in as well as our own bathroom/shower. She slept so well - better than at home! Prayers answered!

missionary kid in training..... :) 


should be a blog said...

I was SO confused reading this post! I read that you visited your aunt and uncle and thought, WOW, the likeness to Jay is AMAZING! These are strong genes! Then I kept reading, and figured it out...glad you had a good trip!