Seattle Trip part I...a little late

Katie and Luca just left after a WONDERFUL visit in Greensboro - we were all so happy they could come!! Luca has grown already so much, after just a month since I left Seattle. I realized I never documented that trip properly. Only a month late, right?

These pictures are from my mornings with Luca...I was on east coast jet lag - so I would wake up to feed Luca for his early morning feeding (usually in the 4:30 - 7 am range) and often I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. SO... since Luca likes walks and the weather was so incredible the whole time I was there, we would go to Alki Beach to take walks. The beauty was breath-taking...it was an awesome time to pray, reflect, people watch, and get a little fresh air. Sunrise has always been my favorite time of day and getting to share those mornings with Luca, made me cherish them as such sweet time just the two of us.

What is a Seattle morning without a cup of Starbucks, right? Luca and I each had our drink of choice. ;)