My growing garden!

I worked in my garden this weekend, pulling up all the unwelcome weeds and grass attempting to take over the bed. It was pretty hot out, but I never knew I would enjoy digging in the earth and a sweating brow so much! Eric was doing yard work: mowing the grass, using the weed wacker, and laying new mulch. It was fun to be out there together.

I am so encouraged by how much my veggies plants are growing!! I am so excited about veggies fresh out of my garden soon and have already enjoyed having fresh herbs on hand. So far, gardening for me has been so worthwhile - it is relaxing to be out there, a definite stress-reliever. I look forward to honing my gardening skills in the years to come - already a life commitment after a month off the ground? Premature euphoria of my success? Perhaps - only time will tell! ;) I have already started my planning for what will go in for the fall harvest...but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. For now, I will wait in anticipation for those fragrant green tomatoes to turn a rosy hue. I forgot how amazing tomato plants smell! On that note, let me share a little something I learned this week about commercial tomatoes that you buy in the regular grocery store. Those tomatoes have to be picked while they are still green, since they have so long to travel from the vine to your shopping cart. Then, to get them to turn prematurely red, argon gas is used, which, coincidentally is also used to slaughter poultry...huh?? Someone want to explain that one? Anyway, now you know why tomatoes from the farmer's market (aka fresh) taste completely different than tomatoes from the store (aka unripe, unnaturally processed!) Still no denying it, tomatoes are delish no matter what, but now you've heard my two cents on where you should buy them... ;)

Woah...can someone say long winded? *tap, tap* this thing on? Are you still with me?


Dill - this one has grown out of control!

My mint...isn't it gorgeous?

Fresh thyme

My green/red peppers!!! These are the biggest triumph so far! They are just babies right now, but I flipped when I first saw them!

My little cherry tomatoes...I have clusters of these all over the place!

Look at this adorable sweet banana pepper!! Eric is really excited about these!

My cucumbers...aren't these unique, beautiful leaves?

My watermelon plant...yet to bear the first bloom. I have faith it's coming though! ;)

And finally...the big mamas. The early girl tomatoes that are just waiting on their crimson kiss before their big debut!

Well that's all you'd want to know and then some! I will keep the updates coming, hopefully a recipe will be coming one day using them as ingredients! ;)


Jennifer said...

These look so yummy! Good job!

Jessica said...

just out of curiousity....
what are you planning on putting in for the fall? i'm thinking about my garden and trying to plan ahead some as well

let me know

Matt and Erin said...

Your garden looks great!! I can't believe how big your watermelon plant is. Mine looks scrawny in comparison!

Anonymous said...

i'm coming over to your place to eat : ) xoxo tiff